Lake County, IL
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Type: Committee
Meeting location: 2nd Floor, Main Conference Room - Central Permit Facility, 500 W Winchester Road, Libertyville

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Person Name TitleStart DateEnd DateWeb Site
Adam Didech Member12/1/2018 11/30/2022  
Angelo Kyle Member12/1/2018 11/30/2022  
Ann Maine, Ph.D. Member12/1/2018 11/30/2022 http://www.lake...ine-District-21
Bill Durkin Member12/1/2018 11/30/2022 http://www.lake...rkin-District-8
Brent Paxton Member12/1/2016 11/30/2020 http://www.lake...xton-District-4
Craig Taylor Member12/1/2018 11/30/2022 http://www.lake...lor-District-19
Diane Hewitt Member12/1/2016 11/30/2020 http://www.lake...witt-District-2
Dick Barr Member12/1/2018 11/30/2022  
Jennifer Clark Member12/1/2018 11/30/2022  
Jessica Vealitzek Member12/1/2018 11/30/2022
John Wasik Member12/1/2018 11/30/2022
Judy Martini Member12/1/2018 11/30/2022 http://www.lake...tini-District-5
Julie Simpson Member12/1/2018 11/30/2022  
Linda Pedersen Member12/1/2016 11/30/2020 http://www.lake...rsen-District-1
Mary Cunningham Member12/1/2018 11/30/2022 http://www.lake...gham-District-9
Michael Danforth Member12/1/2018 11/30/2022 http://www.lake...rth-District-17
Mike Rummel Member12/1/2016 11/30/2020 http://www.lake...mel-District-12
Paul Frank Member12/1/2018 11/30/2022 http://www.lake...ank-District-11
Sandy Hart Member12/1/2016 11/30/2020 http://www.lake...District13.aspx
Steve Carlson Member12/1/2016 11/30/2020 http://www.lake...lson-District-7
Terry Wilke Member12/1/2016 11/30/2020 http://www.lake...lke-District-16
Consisting of all County Board Members. Responsibilities for: Assisting the Chair of the Board in reviewing the agenda for the regular County Board meetings; and Overall Standing Committee coordination. Discussion of overall County policies and objectives.